What Is Phishing And How To Protect Yourself From It

The world of banking is rapidly expanding, extending into the online arena. With that comes the constant threat of phishing. Most trusted banks, like Columbia Bank Washington Township, will never ask you for private information through SMS or email.

Read on to find out more about phishing and how to shield yourself from it.

What is phishing?

Phishing is perhaps the fastest growing form of online financial fraud. Generally, phishers send elaborate, near-perfect imitations of legitimate resources to trick people into revealing sensitive information.

They can pretend to be a major company or bank as well, using their official logos and graphics. These emails often ask you to provide details like credit card or social security numbers.

What are the warning signs of phishing?

You must be well aware of the methods of phishing and the red flags that come with them. It will aid you in effectively avoiding falling victim to such scams. Remember, banks do not ask for sensitive information through emails. Here are some of the most common signs that a phisher is attempting to ensnare you:

  • An unwarranted email that requests elaborate financial information
  • Emails with popular logos that look slightly different in terms of font, color, spellings, or anything else
  • The body of the email contains grammatical mistakes and looks unprofessional
  • You receive an email asking you to visit a link in the body with no context
Columbia Bank
407 Hurffville – Cross Keys Rd, Sewell
NJ 08080, United States
Phone: +1 856-218-1220

If you identify any of the above in an email, ignore it. Do not click on any links or text. If the phisher is pretending to be your bank, contact your bank immediately and notify it.

Phishers are a menace over the Internet. If you fall victim to phishing, it can cause severe damage to your identity and financial records. Remain alert at all times and always consult your bank in case of any uncertainties. Stay safe!

How to Craft a Cohesive SEO Strategy as a Small Business

Building a brand and competing with other businesses in the same sector can be a challenge, especially for a smaller business. Not only do you have to deal with the pains of starting your operations, but you must battle with businesses that have been in the industry and location for many years.

One of the most effective ways to compete with companies that have more resources is to put all your money into digital marketing.

Crafting an SEO Campaign

Those who have little to no experience with digital marketing cannot possibly craft an SEO and social media campaign worth anything. It is why you must outsource this SEO strategy to experts who know what they are doing.

These professionals can help you create a website that matches the aesthetic of your business, while they can also improve your search engine results rankings.

Top Placement

SEO strategy

By having your website be one of the first few that is seen for related keyword and location searches, you have the most chance of someone visiting your web page. They may still prefer the well-known competitor, but you will most definitely get a lot of views this way.

If you can combine this high placement with a quality website and unique social media presence, you have a good chance of converting interested parties into paying customers.

Constant Evolution

One of the challenges of SEO is that search engine rankings are constantly evolving, as Google and other search engines change ranking criteria. Having professionals monitoring your SEO performance ensures that if there is a drop in your ranking, they can work to get it back up.

Invest your money in a cohesive and exciting social media and digital marketing presence, and you can expect excellent return on investment in the coming weeks and months.