Maybe you recycle your cardboard, paper and plastic, but do you recycle your electronics? Doing so is just as important, since electronics contain chemical compounds that damage the earth. Keeping electronics out of landfills not only protects the environment, but also offers a plethora of additional benefits. Take a look below to learn six important reasons electronic recycling toronto is so important.

1.    It’s Easy: Many electronic recycling centers exist to help with the electronics recycling process. Find a certified e-cycler who can destroy sensitive data and information. You can also donate items if you prefer.

2.    Reduced Risks: Not recycling electronics is dangerous! When the arsenic and mercury in electronics end up in landfills, they leak these chemicals and others into our water supplies. You don’t want such a problem!

3.    Protect Yourself: Data is destroyed when e-waste recyclers handle your electronics. Tossing them into the garage makes you vulnerable to identity theft and other problems.

4.    Rewarding: When you recycle, it feels good. You know that you’ve done your part to help the world and it is a rewarding day in and day out.

5.    Too Much E-Waste: We have plenty of e-waste already in landfills. More than 41.8 million tons, in fact. You can make a difference by not contributing to these amounts any further. All it takes is e-recycling!

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6.    Precious Metals: Your old electronic devices contain precious metals that can be reused in future production of electronics and materials. You don’t have a gold mine in your electronic items but there are benefits in side of them!

The list of reasons to recycle e-waste is extensive and could go on and on. However, with the benefits above, you should be ready to e-recycle and benefit yourself and the world.